In Texas, consulting firms connect company owners to off-site IT service and support providers. Companies with limited capital seek out off-site services to accommodate their IT needs. The services are more affordable and won’t present the high cost of hiring full-time employees. A local consulting firm provides off-site technology support and services for the company owners.

Workstation Repairs and Replacement

The consultant reviews all workstations used by the company. Any workstations that are viable are evaluated and repairs are completed as needed. Recommendations for new workstations are provided to the company owner. Any new software or information systems required by the company are integrated into the infrastructure.

Network Security and Administration

Off-site services provide network security and administration. The consultant connects the company with off-site administrators who monitor the network at all times. All vulnerabilities are identified and mitigated quickly. The administrators manage all connections to the network and evaluate how the workers are using the services. Any deviation in company policy is managed swiftly and reported to the company owner.

Disaster Recovery for Businesses

Disaster recovery services are also provided for the business. VoIP services are used to establish dedicated communications for the company. In the event of an accident, the company uses the internet-based telephony system to stay in contact with their customers.

The off-site services manage backups of the information systems. The storage media is kept off-site to increase security. The backups are used at any time that on-site servers or data storage equipment is damaged.

24-Hour Support for the Entire Company

The off-site support team provides assistance when an issue arises. The workers submit support tickets to the support technicians directly. The techs help on-site and workers who are connected via remote access. The support tickets are prioritized and managed as promptly as possible.

In Texas, consulting firms help companies procure off-site IT services and support. The firms assign a consultant to help the owner make vital choices about their business needs. The consultant addresses outdated workstations and systems quickly. New strategies are devised to achieve company objectives. Company owners who want to learn more about the off-site services contact a consultant now.