A Guide to Choosing Between Prepaid and Postpaid Mobile Phone Plans

There’s no arguing that a mobile phone is a vital device for most people. It can do so much in making each day manageable especially if you are using the perfect phone plan.

Today, telecommunications companies offer a large selection of phone plans to fit the specific requirements of users. The phone plans have features that can be tailored to your lifestyle and other considerations when it comes to staying connected.

But when you are choosing from the different phone plans available, the first thing you have to decide on is whether you should go for a prepaid plan or a postpaid one.

Prepaid vs. Postpaid

To clearly distinguish one from the other, a prepaid plan means that it doesn’t come with a monthly contract. You pay beforehand for the calls, texts and other services you use until your allocation runs out or expires.

Meanwhile, a postpaid plan comes with a contract and you are billed every month according to the services you used. It goes without saying that this plan gives you more freedom. However, the cost awaiting you at the end of the month can be surprisingly higher than you initially expected.

Which Type of Mobile Phone Plan is Right for You?

Choose a prepaid plan if:

You want better control of your phone expenses

If you are a little tight on the budget and you want to make sure that you would only be using your phone when necessary, a prepaid plan is ideal. Knowing that there’s a limit to the services you can use will force you to be more mindful of usage. You want to conserve your data allocation for the most important things so you don’t need to buy any extra data.

You want to teach responsible use

Prepaid phone plans are typically what parents purchase for their children. When the phone plan has a limit, young users learn to prioritize. Also, when they go over the data allocation and they simply need more, the young ones would just have to use their own money for such.

You do not want to be locked into a contract

Your phone needs can change drastically within a short period of time and when this happens, it is better to not be locked into any long-term arrangement. This way, you can look for a plan that will be more suitable for your current needs.

On the other hand, choose a postpaid plan if:

You need to use your phone often

When you can’t risk having your services cut off during the most crucial moments, it’s definitely smarter to use a postpaid plan.

You want access to a larger selection of benefits or perks

Telecommunications companies typically have more benefits in store for their postpaid users. They want to lock them in by encouraging loyalty to the brand. From low rates for calls to rewards and special add-in services, postpaid users can look forward to them all.

You need a plan that accurately meets your lifestyle requirements

There are usually postpaid plans intended to cater to a specific lifestyle. Say, you need unlimited Internet service for your phone, you can usually only get such a service package if you opt for a postpaid plan.

And even if it is available for prepaid users, more often than not, the actual service is better for postpaid subscribers – there’s even a subsidy program available. You can also have better Internet service even if you own a prepaid plan, but you will have to spend way more if you want speedy 4G internet connection for your mobile phone.

Overall, what you really need to consider when you are choosing between prepaid and postpaid plans is your lifestyle. At the end of the day, what truly matters is that your needs are met. Compare the pros and cons of all the plans available to you carefully as this is the best way to determine the most suitable phone plan for your needs.