How to improve the speed of your website?

Hosting is a place to accommodate the data required by a website and so can be accessed via the Internet. Hosting has different capacities. Capacity is divided into 2 ie space hosting and bandwidth hosting.

Space hosting is the storage capacity of web files that we upload to the blog. It’s like pictures, live video, text and so forth. While hosting bandwidth is the quota of internet data transfer used by blog visitors to load the blog page.

Sometimes when we are engrossed in using the internet, we never pay attention to the capacity of hosting space that we use. We only pay attention to the file types we upload without regard to the capacity in each file. This is what triggers the occurrence of the capacity of space hosting a sudden.

Then how to make a website Fully Fast?

If talking about a hosting capacity of course each hosting has a different capacity. It depends on how we can use and save the data. If you want to improve the speed of the website we can consider few points they will help you to make your website faster and it will not create any issues even if the traffic is also heavy. Hosting capacity depends upon what plan we are choosing and what kind of settings we are doing.

Use Small Image Media

Images are important for a post. The thing we can do to save hosting capacity is to upload small media. A small image does not mean a minimalist image, but a small data size of the image. In this case, you can compress the image media with a smaller data size. So when you upload the image media does not take up large space.

Use Plugins as Necessary

The blog is divided into various forms, but nowadays WordPress web hosting is in great demand most bloggers. This is because WordPress blog is very good and easy in its use. Comes with different types of plugins needed to develop the site. One way to saving hosting space that we use is not too much use plugins. Because it will take up large space, use some important plugins only.

Upload and Use Light Themes

Using our free WordPress blog to upload and use the themes we need. Even you can save the themes on your blog and if you want to change it wait for him in a short time. In this case, try not to upload many themes in your WordPress hosting. Because it will take your space cheap WordPress hosting and especially from the big themes and has a heavy loading page.

Use Dedicated Hosting for Certain Files

These third parties are using outsiders of WordPress blogs. If you upload a picture then you can just upload the image to Flickr, Google Picasa, and another image uploader. So also with other files such as documents, video, audio you want to use. Always use third-party services. Or if you just want to upload a video we can use youtube for your file storage.

Pay attention to Uploaded File Size

If it is not possible to reduce the number of images, the thing we do is to pay attention to the file size. If the capacity is very large, then before uploading we have to edit photos. Shrink size using image editing software application.

These are the main points to keep in mind during the setup of your website. If you are considering these points you will not face any difficulties and it will improve the speed of the website and it will not make it heavy.